What do you want to know but afraid to ask?

1.  Do contraceptives cause abortion?

No. Research on contraceptives finds that they do not disrupt an existing pregnancy. They should not be used to try to cause an abortion. They will not do so.

2. Do pills cause women to gain or lose a lot of weight?

No. Most women do not gain or lose weight due to pills. Weight changes naturally as life circumstances change and as people age. Studies find, however, that, on average, pills do not affect weight.

3. Do pills change women’s mood or sex drive?

Generally, no. The great majority of COC users do not report any such changes, however, some report that both mood and sex improve. It is difficult to tell whether such changes are due to the pills or to other reasons.

4. How much weight do women gain when they use progestin-only injectables (DMPA)?

Women gain an average of 1-2 kg per year when using DMPA. Some of the weight increase may be the usual weight gain as people age. Some users lose weight or have no significant change in weight.

5. Does DMPA cause cancer?

Many studies show that DMPA does not cause cancer. DMPA use, helps protect against cancer of the lining of the uterus (endometrial cancer).

6. Can the IUD travel from the woman’s uterus to other parts of her body, such as her heart or her brain?

The IUD never travels to any part of her body outside the abdomen. The IUD normally stays within the uterus like a seed within the shell. Rarely the IUD may come through the wall of the uterus into the abdominal cavity.

7. Does a woman who has had sterilization procedure ever have to worry about getting pregnant again?

Generally, no. Female sterilization is very effective at preventing pregnancy and is intended to be permanent. It is not 100% effective, however.

8. Will vasectomy make a man lose his sexual ability? Will it make him weak or fat?

No. After vasectomy, a man will look and feel the same as before. He can have sex the same as before. His erections will be as hard and last as long as before, and ejaculations of semen will be the same. He can also work as hard as before.