Twenty Years of Service Commitment 

FriendlyCare Foundation, Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  It was established in 1999 as a non-profit, non-stock private organization with the main mission of providing reproductive health services in the context of total family health.

FriendlyCare was founded based on extensive research studies and statistics facilitated by USAID during its conception stage. It is designed to serve the unmet needs of the market lodged in between the expensive private health care services and crowded public health facilities with focus on reproductive health including family planning.

Throughout the years, FriendlyCare expanded its range of services with more specialties and service packages to cater to the growing market. It has kept its mission to provide affordable, accessible, and quality family healthcare services in a friendly and compassionate manner, and it envisions to see even more healthy, happy Filipino families.

Family Planning Services

FriendlyCare maintains its market positioning as an alternative facility between expensive private health care facilities and crowded public health centers. It has carried out its focus on responsible family planning in the concept of total family health, and quality health services that are affordable and accessible to a diverse market.

Since 2010, the company has been self-sufficient and family planning has become one of its most successful services. The company’s work in family planning has been recognized by the Department of Health, asking other institutions to follow FriendlyCare’s example of providing more health services for women.

Outpatient Clinic Services

Today, FriendlyCare has a network of strategically located clinics: Shaw-Pasig, Cubao, Lagro, Masinag, Cebu, and Davao. All clinics are equipped with fully integrated facility, and staffed with a qualified team of health professionals, providing a multi-range of services including core and sub-specialty consultations, minor surgical procedures, laboratory and diagnostic examinations and packaged products and services to targeted market segments.

Mobile Clinics

FriendlyCare also goes beyond brick and mortar service centers through its Mobile Clinics to readily meet the geographic convenience of its market.  The FriendlyCare Mobile Clinics are equipped with digital and conventional x-ray, and medical examination facilities for corporate accounts, medical missions and outreach activities. The Mobile Clinic Team of licensed medical professionals and competent medical aids, brings the FriendlyCare brand experience to the work sites.

Mental Health Services

In 2015 FriendlyCare Foundation started to include mental health and wellness programs in its repertoire of health services. Among the programs that FriendlyCare offers are Mental Health Lectures and Mindfulness-Based Programs for depression and anxiety catering to needs of schools, workplaces and communities.

With the passage of the Philippine Mental Health Law RA 11036 in 2018, FriendlyCare further boosted its programs for mental health to support one of the pillar purposes of the MH Law which is to integrate mental health education and service provision in communities, schools and workplaces. FriendlyCare has also been actively participating in DOH’s public consultations in enhancing the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the MH Law.

Quality Standard Certifications 

FriendlyCare was established and designed to provide quality services based on international and local standards and guidelines for quality assurance required by regulating institutions in the healthcare industry. Its facilities, operational systems and service protocols are compliant with the standard metrics and have been licensed to operate by the Department of Health, accredited by PhilHealth the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and recognized by City Health Offices, and certified by the Philippine Council for Non-Government Organization.