Summer has begun and so is school holidays where schools are closed or no classes are held. This season is also the best time to hold a circumcision as kids can fully recuperate at home without them worrying of being absent for weeks in their respective classes.


Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. During a circumcision, the foreskin is freed from the head of the penis (glans) and removed. Some of its health benefits include a reduced risk of urinary tract infection in childhood and protection against penile cancer.


On April 29, 2019 a Free Male Circumcision was conducted at the facility of POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic aiming to serve POPCOM constituents and nearby communities. The venue is a DOH  licensed Ambulatory Surgical Facility situated at Welfareville Compound Mandaluyong City.


FriendlyCare deployed its well trained and experienced health care providers to perform the surgical procedure and were able to serve twenty eight (28) patients aging from nine to fifteen years on that day.


This endeavor to reach out and respond to the needs of POPCOM constituents was jointly organized by FriendlyCare and POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic and is being staged every April or May since year 2015.