FriendlyCare mental health team in line with its advocacy to provide mental health and wellness to the Filipino families, attended the Family Link Philippines Mental Health Education Program conducted by Metro Psych mental health professionals led by Psychiatrist Dra. Fareda Fatima Flores

Family Link Mental Health Education Program was brought to the Philippines by Dra. Flores in 2003, as part of her personal advocacy in the mental health and well being of Filipino families.

Family Link is a psycho-education program authored by Dr. Marcus Chui from HK, and has been implemented in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and Philippines. The program is designed to educate families of their critical role in caring for a patient suffering from mental illness, in understanding their condition to help bring them to recovery, and in empowering them to regain their worth as they find their way back to recovery.

The program is composed of nine modules compressed into five modules for 2-day sessions, facilitated by program speakers in easy layman’s terms especially for those who are not too familiar with medical and psychiatric language.

The speakers for the program are all selected based on their experience with mental health including respected psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, or reformed substance abusers and recovered patients and family members caring for a person living with psychiatric condition.

Modules on Anger and Stress Management have also been added to the roster of seminar topics due to insistent requests from the participants.