Family Planning Counselling, Seminars and Lectures

FriendlyCare provides the following counseling and lectures about Family Planning right at FriendlyCare clinics and off-site in selected barangays, at the workplace and other focused communities:

  • Family Planning Motivational Seminar (FPMS) designed for men and women of reproductive age with the goal of motivating them to practice family planning.
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health Module for schools and community. It contains topics on the biophysical changes during adolescence, boy and girl relationship and risks of pregnancy. Its goal is to help the teens to understand and cope with what is going on with them and also responsible sex.
  • Module on Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV-AIDS, contains nature of infection, etiology, signs and symptoms and prevention.
  • Cervical Cancer Module – Female reproductive system, etiology of Cervical Cancer, signs and symptoms and diagnosis and prevention. Intended for Women of reproductive age.