The entrance to the POPCOM Wellness Clinic.

FriendlyCare and the Commission on Population – Central Office have been working together for the past few months to provide the services needed for RA 10354, or the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Act of 2012, to those who need it.

At the moment, the POPCOM Wellness Clinic offers free medical consultations to walk-in clients who usually come from POPCOM’s 100+ employees, their families, and also the neighboring community near their Mandaluyong office. They can also provide prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines while supplies from the Department of Health last. Family planning counseling is also available in the clinic in compliance with the RPRH Law. This includes community counseling and also one-on-one consultations and assessments for various family planning procedures. POPCOM and FriendlyCare are working towards increasing the services to offer to sustain the clinic. Both parties hope to gain more supplies, equipment, and manpower in their 4-year partnership.

FriendlyCare’s Dr. Alvin Silva showing the medicines supplied by the Department of Health.

FriendlyCare’s Dr. Alvin Silva showing the medicines supplied by the Department of Health.

FriendlyCare has provided the services of Dr. Alvin Silva every Tuesday and Thursday at 8AM to 12PM at no charge to POPCOM and its patients. Consultation is free, but since the clinic can only provide a limited number of services, laboratory procedures and specialty consultations are referred to FriendlyCare’s Shaw Clinic or to the nearest government facilities. Special cases that both clinics cannot handle are referred to nearby hospitals. Cases that are referred to the FriendlyCare Shaw clinic can be availed by POPCOM employees with a 20% discount.


Employee being vaccinated by Nurse Loreto Torio and Dr. Alvin Silva.

The cases they encounter in the clinic usually involve upper respiratory issues, non-communicable diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

Maylin Vasquez, the Head of the POPCOM Wellness Clinic Group, has mentioned that future partnership efforts with FriendlyCare are in the works. The POPCOM Wellness Clinic plans to work with FriendlyCare as they conduct medical missions in the nearby community which will then branch out into the rest of Metro Manila and hopefully regional areas as well.

The partnership’s goal is to provide quality reproductive health and family planning services, periodic health examination, lifestyle counseling, and medical counseling based on their annual examination results to those who are in need.