Send a Gift of Mindfulness Today

A gift of mindfulness is a gift of presence.  Send someone a Gift of Mindfulness for Beginners’ program.

The gift voucher will entitle the bearer to a Mindfulness for Beginners program, a half-day (3-hour) introductory session to learn mindfulness practices that will help participants develop skills to quiet the mind, increase awareness, focus attention and regulate emotions for resiliency.

FriendlyCare Mindfulness-Based Programs are group sessions for mental health and wellness, designed to guide participants learn and develop skills to cope with stress, depression and anxiety for self-regulation and resiliency using mindfulness practices and meditations. They are delivered by certified facilitators who had intensive training under the Centre for Mindfulness Studies Toronto.

Mechanics for the Use of the Mindfulness Gift Vouchers

Terms and conditions will apply. Pre-registration to the program is required. The bearer should call Mindfulness@FriendlyCare Admin to register at 09206199156. If the bearer opts to participate in any of the full programs using this Gift Certificate, the bearer should inform Mindfulness@FriendlyCare Admin about the preferred program .  Please refer to the published price rates of FriendlyCare’s mindfulness-based full programs.


Full scale Mindfulness-Based Programs are also available:

Mindfulness-Based Wellness for Stress Reduction (MWSR)

4-week group session for everyday stress

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

8-week group session for depression relapse and anxiety

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

8-week group session for acute and chronic stress and pain